Music Lessons in person and online

OUR story

Established in 2014, Global House of Music (GHM) has provided quality private music lessons in person and online for over six years. Our teachers travel to clients, a highly popular ‘we come to you’ service which  means that students play the instruments on which they practice. We also offer online music lessons using Skype or Zoom and teach as far as Shanghai and Auckland. Our teachers are fully equipped and trained in providing lesson via digital platforms.

We started as a small individually run business employing and contracting teachers in and around South Africa. We have established relationships with universities such as WITS to become a feeding school for new teachers in 2019.

Our dedicated team works around the clock to ensure that every lesson is tracked with digital homework sheets and that their progress is monitored weekly by our office.

WHY Music

  • Studies show a correlation between musical training and academic success in both children and adults. Learning to play an instrument stimulates the brain.
  • It improves abstract and spatial reasoning and literacy skills, and enhances verbal memory.
  • Playing an instrument expands your social circle. Joining a musical group, at any age,  is a way to meet people. 
  • Music relieves stress and is calming and soothing. It has a unique effect on emotions and has been proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure. 
  • Playing, and becoming competent at an instrument, gives a sense of pride and achievement.
  • Performing to audiences can help to develop confidence.
  • Putting in the time and effort required for music leads to improved time management.
  • Music stimulates the creative side of the brain by requiring individual expression and interpretation.
  • It is fun! You are actively engaged and feel occupied and happy.

Where we offer Lessons

We offer online and in person music lessons to students of all ages. Our in person lessons and most popular option is a teacher coming to you for the lessons.We offer in person lessons to clients in Fourways (Craigavon, Cedar Lakes, Witkoppen, Lonehill etc.) Bryanston as far as Revonia including Paulshof and Sunninghill as well as areas between Midrand and Midstream Estate. If you are not listed in the areas above you can contact us for online lessons.



The starts of GHM with 15 students. A small music room in Bryanston High school.


4 new teachers join GHM and the student count grows to 50. Most clients looking for in person at home lessons.


The first teacher joining GHM with a few of their own students form part of the project.


We expand our teacher search as far as the USA and have our first 100th active student.


Our first official appointment of a teacher after many interviews and many hours of searching for the right teacher.


GHM has become the feeding school for teachers from WITS and bring in our second international teacher from Nigeria.


Cello Lessons


South African National Defence Force ‘upskill’ program offering music lessons to members of the SANDF looking to improve on their current knowledge and performance skills.

Music Lessons


Moving from provincial based lessons to national and international clients offering online lessons as far as India and China making use of all the platforms available.