Music Lessons Global House of Music

Emmanuel Egbebu

Piano, cello and music theory

my story

Originally from Imo State, Nigeria, Emmanuel is immersed in music education. He plays piano, saxophone, violin and cello and holds a Bachelor of Music Degree. 

How it started

Emmanuel’s  love of music started at seven in the Anglican Church. Introduced to the keyboard by a priest, he progressed to playing at an ordination mass at the Holy Trinity Cathedral before a congregation of over 2000. A highlight of his career was playing Lead Cello for 2 hours 46 minutes non-stop for The Messiah Oratorio performed by Aberdeenshire Chamber Orchestra at The Royal Scottish Theatre. Musically, Bach, Byrd and Handel are his greatest influences. 


As a teacher

Emmanuel believes that dedicated music teachers would make good parents owing to experiences gathered working with children from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds. 


Music has taught Emmanuel discipline and developed his social skills. Composing and arranging his own pieces allows opportunities for artistic expression. In a rapidly changing world, Emmanuel sees music as constant and consistent. Through music his students develop problem solving skills, unleash creativity and learn to handle pressure. 

Aside from music, Emmanuel enjoys basketball and loves documentaries and historical literature.