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Monica Strydom

Piano and woodwind

my story

Monica plays and teaches seven instruments – piano, flute, oboe, saxophone, clarinet, classical guitar and violin. She holds a Teacher’s Licentiate in oboe. Monica’s love of music started with piano lessons at the age of four and her high school piano teacher played a big role in her decision to study music and forge a career in the field.  Influenced by Mozart, Monica acknowledges that music afforded her the opportunity to grow as a person and to see life in a different and joyous way.

Monica Strydom

As a teacher

As a performer

Monica has an impressive  track record as a disciplined and competent performer beginning with flute but soon focusing on the oboe. From Second Oboist for the University of Pretoria Symphony Orchestra, she graduated to Principal Oboist in the National Symphony Orchestra. She went on to play in the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra, all directed by highly acclaimed conductors. Monica is currently an oboist in the Rand Symphony Orchestra. Her oboe solo at Sing in Harmonie was aired on KykNet. 


Monica finds great satisfaction as a teacher watching her students’ progress as they commit to practicing, discover the joy of playing their instrument, gain knowledge and skills around style and genre, and master pieces for exams and performance.

Monica has her own business and enjoys working with GHM to grow and develop her skills as a teacher. She has done extensive studies on music lessons supported by medical research to develop her programs. Aside from her passion, music, Monica enjoys painting in oils.

Some of Monica's students