Vocal Lessons


Unleash your voice’s potential with direct instruction from professional and qualified vocal teachers.



The first thing I do with all my students, no matter what type of music they sing, is to uncover their vocal range using a number of exercises and skills I’ve picked up over the years. Once I have a good understanding of their vocal range, it’s much easier finding music that is well suited to their voice type. It’s always good to have students present me with music they prefer to sing, but sometimes that music may not be the right fit. The fun part is finding that fit!

Once we’ve found music that the student relates to and is suitable, I approach learning the music with a strong theoretical, technical, and practical approach. It’s always good to understand a bit of music theory, a bit of bodily technique and a bit of practical application in order to best perform any piece of music! The fun then begins!


As much as I’d love to dedicate the entire hour of our lesson to just singing, there are some important things that I cover in every lesson. Breathing exercises, posture training, warm ups (which are also designed to expand the vocal range), rhythm training, sight singing training, and THEN, we sing! I like to dedicate just a few minutes (about 5 minutes) per training exercise. I structure this in such a way that it’s easy enough for the student to know how to do these on his or her own, everyday, without a teacher being there. This is very necessary because such technical exercises need to be done everyday

When we start to sing, I like to break the song apart in a few pieces (think LEGO), and tackle what is required of the voice in terms of melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, etc. in each piece. Once the student has grasped this, we move onto the next piece.