Terms and Conditions

Lesson terms and conditions

  • If a student is attending a planned activity, such as sporting events, concert, or doctor’s appointment that conflicts with the scheduled lesson time, the lesson must be rescheduled, and a 24-hour notice applies. Lessons not cancelled 24hours prior to the scheduled lesson will be forfeited.
  • Lesson not attended without notice will be forfeited.
  • Access to estates and complex’s will be required by the teacher. If in any case the teacher is unable gain access to the premises, the will teacher will leave, and the lesson will be forfeited.
  • Lessons will resume on public holidays. Teachers may request that the lesson time be moved and if it is not possible the scheduled lesson time will be applicable.
  • Lessons resume during school holidays.
  • GHM closes on Easter weekend and 2 weeks of December. You will be notified about these dates.
  • GHM will provide a weekly lesson based on the selected package and location.
  • If a student is late for the lesson the missed time will not be added due to other planned lessons and traveling time.
  • The progress of a student is subject to their dedication to practice. Schedule regular practice. 10-15mins x 5 recommended for beginners, 20-30mins x 5 for intermediate and 45-60mins per week is recommended for advanced level. Younger students may work better with parental guidance. Advice is given in setting up a routine
  • Lessons not cancelled 48 hours prior to the scheduled lesson will be forfeited unless the cancellation is due to sudden sickness, accident and or emergencies.
  • If a rescheduled or catch-up lesson has been booked and the students fails to attend with or without notice, the lesson will be forfeited.
  • GHM holds the right to change the teacher for any reason whatsoever. If the teacher is not suitable for the client, the

Changing lesson times and days

  • Lessons times and days may be changed with sufficient notice. This may include the office rescheduling lessons to place new clients with a teacher and cooperation in the matter is greatly appreciated.
  • If a client requests a time and day change and the teacher does not have the required times available a change of teacher will be applicable.

Examinations explained

  • Participation in graded examinations incurs expenses additional to monthly lesson fees, including but not limited to registration/enrolment fees, practical (repertoire) and theory books as published by the respective examining bodies and/or exercise books as published by third parties;
  • Expenses incurred will be invoiced to the client at cost and collected by GHM for payment to the relevant examining body/service provider in advance and at least one week in advance of enrolment deadlines where relevant;
  • The candidate’s GHM teacher shall advise the client of required materials and the client acknowledges that such materials are essential for satisfactory examination preparation;
  • Prescribed materials are subject to international copyright laws and therefore the use of original materials is compulsory. GHM will not provide printed or electronic copies of materials subject to copyright and for which GHM does not have the publisher’s official consent to reproduce or distribute;
  • All documentation including birth certificates/identity documents and evidence of prerequisite qualifications as required by relevant examining bodies will be provided to GHM at least one week in advance of enrolment deadlines;
  • Failure to pay costs and provide documentation contemplated herein by GHM’s stipulated deadline may preclude the candidate from enrolling for the intended examination session;
  • If enrolment deadlines are missed, enrolment in subsequent examination sessions at revised and appropriate grades will be decided in consultation with GHM;
  • The candidate’s participation in graded examinations is at the discretion of GHM and GHM reserves the right to withdraw candidates who are deemed to be inadequately prepared, irrespective of confirmed enrolments/examination dates. Thorough assessments of the candidate’s readiness to participate in graded examinations will be provided at least one month before the commencement of relevant examination sessions

A schedule of enrolment fees can be found on the GHM website, but GHM takes no responsibility for the accuracy of such information, which should be verified by referring to the examining bodies’ schedules of fees as published on their websites or provided by their local representatives from time to time.

FEES payments arrangements

  • A total of 48 lessons will be conducted per 12 month cycle and fees for the 12 months are payable in advance.
  • ONCE OFF JOINING AND ADMIN FEE R500 on first invoice
  • Yearly administration fee of R500 charged on January invoice (Not payable if joining fee was applicable)
  • Fees can be paid via debit order. If a client wishes to pay the fees via EFT the fees must be paid on or before the last day of the months and any and all terms regarding fees are applicable.
  • Invoices are sent on the 23rd of every month and payable by the last day of that month.
  • All invoices not contested in writing within 7 days of receipt are deemed accepted by the client as true and accurate and are payable within the given terms.
  • Late fees will be subject to a R50 penalty fee which will be loaded onto the invoice after the due date has been reached. If this fee is not paid and in full the lessons will be suspended until such a time that the fees are brought up to date in full.
  • If the fees are not paid by the 5th of the month the lessons will be suspended pending payment and any missed lessons during that time will be forfeited.
  • December lessons are payable, and the teacher will make the necessary arrangements to schedule the lessons if the client is unable to attend them.
  • An annual fee increases of 10% will be implemented every February.
  • Discount will only be given if a client pays yearly.
  • If a client fails to pay the fees and has made an arrangement with the office, the arrangement will only be valid for the agreed period of time. If a client fails to pay with that set period, the lesson will be suspended, and the fees will be required in full including the penalty fee before the lessons can continue.

MEDIA Videos and photos

  • Recordings, photographs and video will be taken throughout the year both in lessons and at student concerts or workshops to provide the student and/or parents and the teacher opportunities to capture and highlight significant technical issues, or capture musical milestones in development. This media form part of the student’s portfolio of progress and aids the student’s technical and musical development. Images, video and recordings will be available to the client and shared amongst the GHM community in future newsletters and displayed on future marketing, advertising or teachers website.

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